Introducing the August ’23 Pieces of Me Collection: Resilient Roots – Celebrating African American Education

The August ’23 Pieces of Me Collection celebrates the legacy of knowledge, reminding us of the strength and brilliance that lies within.

For you Kings, we offer the following fragrances: Academic Timber, Cerebral Citrus, Scholar’s Harvest, Botanical Scholar, and Enlightened Breeze. These scents are crafted to embody regality and intellect, capturing the essence of scholarly pursuits with notes that inspire and uplift.

For you Queens, we offer the following fragrances: Academic Enclave, Enlightened Zest, Scholarly Serenade, Floral Intellect, and Vivid Wisdom. These fragrances exude elegance and wisdom, symbolizing the strength and grace of exceptional women, with captivating aromas that enchant and empower.


2 oz, 4 oz, 8oz


Body Wash, Cucumber Bliss Face Cream, Cucumber Kissed Face Mask, Face Care, Whipped Body Butter


Academic Enclave, Academic Timber, Botanical Scholar, Cerebral Citrus, Enlightened Breeze, Enlightened Zest, Floral Intellect, Scholar's Harvest, Scholarly Serenade, Unscented, Vivid Wisdom

Resilient Roots Collection Box

Each fragrance in this collection is meticulously designed to evoke a sense of pride, resilience, and the rich heritage of African American education.  Discover your signature scent and embrace the spirit of learning and achievement with this remarkable collection.