Boogaloo Pain Reducer Gel

Boogaloo Pain Reducer Gel

Our Boogaloo Pain Reducer Gel is what you have been searching for!

This natural fast-acting pain-relieving gel will have you ready to do the Boogaloo with its ability to penetrate deep at the source of pain to provide relief while treating inflammation and stiffness you’ll feel like dancing after one use.

This cool, soothing pain relief gel in a convenient 3oz roll-on container is formulated to relieve post-workout pains, aching joints, tight and aching muscles, sore feet, and more!


  • Aloe Vera Gel, Menthyl, Cayenne Pepper, Tumeric, Eucalyptus, Citrus EO
Weight 4 oz

2 oz, 4 oz, 8oz

2 reviews for Boogaloo Pain Reducer Gel

  1. TeNisha Hankins

    I am a huge fan of this product. I make sure I keep it with me at times! I struggle with pain in my shoulder and back all the time and it take a lot to calm them down. I’ve tried everything from the pain meds my doc prescribed, which were some pretty heavy scripts, to different rubs from the stores and nothing work better than this. I definitely recommend purchasing this product!

  2. Djuan highey (verified owner)

    Love it , i work out an of course my body feels the pain afterwards

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Boogaloo Pain Reliever is a roll-on gel that not only provides soothing relief but also delights your senses with its invigorating methylated citrus scent. This unique fragrance harmoniously blends the refreshing notes of citrus with the comforting touch of menthol, creating an aroma that is as invigorating as the relief it offers.

Let the uplifting scent of Boogaloo Pain Reliever accompany your journey to comfort, making you feel as good as it smells. Experience the power of soothing relief with a fragrance that embraces your well-being.

(2 customer reviews)

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Availability: In stock