Welcome, Grace Representatives!

Welcome, Grace Representatives!

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

Our Journey Together…

You are here because you are looking for ways to earn more money. You are looking to work on your own schedule and be your own BOSS! Whether you love our products so much that you just want to sell them or you’re in awe of our affiliate programs, you have come to the right place!

We thank you for joining our team to start accomplishing life goals your way! Here you will learn how to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and give yourself the raise that you have been waiting for! Through our Grace Affiliate Training Program, you will learn how to gracefully overcome life obstacles and live successfully by your own standards.

This is a judgment-free zone and no experience is required! As a Grace Affiliate you will have access to virtual and live training, coaching, and mentoring to help you build your confidence with Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, and Sales to help you excel.

Through our Grace Training program, you will learn various skills and techniques that will help you accomplish your financial and personal goals your way!

Why Are You Here

You are here because there is a void in your life whether financial, professional, or personal and you can’t figure out the next step to fill that void to get you to the next level.

Because You Are Here

As a part of our family, you will have the support needed to grow professionally and personally in ways that will help you to achieve your financial goals and more!

Program Feedback

Our Grace Reps Are Saying …

“Before joining I was in a tight spot with my finances. I was ready to make a change and am so glad I found this family. They support my efforts and the trainings helped me to surpass my goals!”

Kathy Jackson, GA

“I was so glad I found Ladybug’s Grace Affiliate program because it has helped me so much. I had major objections in the beginning but decided to take a risk, and it ended up paying off big time!”

Tonya Kalu, NC

“I am a completely different person now thanks to the Grace Affiliate family. I joined to earn some extra money, but this program ended up transforming who I was from the inside out.”

Shavaugn Price, MI

Our Affiliate Program Combines 3 Pillars To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Free Training

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We want you to succeed in all that you do! Our free virtual training is here to help you on your journey as a Grace Representative.

Our training topics include

  1. Products
  2. Marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Social Networking
  5. Sales
  6. Professional Ettiquette

and more!


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Our virtual mentoring program will help you master business skills as a Grace Representative while you accomplish your milestones and goals.

Join as a mentee for the extra support you need.


Join as a Mentor and dedicate 30 minutes a week to support others.

Success Coaching

You will have access to free coaching sessions with our Success Coaches who will assist you on your journey to be the best Grace Affiliate and/or Independent Seller of Ladybug’s Grace products.

How It Works

Here’s What You Get …


Recorded and live trainings so you can learn the key ideas, strategies, and tactics fast


World-class coaching to support you and challenge you on the path


A family of entreprunuers that totally “get” you and can support you on the way

Invest in Yourself Today

It’s Time To Decide

Will you join us on a journey that 17,005 people just like you have undertaken with great success through our unique method and incredible support?

Grace Representative

  • Training: Unlimited TrainingĀ 
  • Mentoring
  • Success Coaching: 2 free 30 minutes calls per 30 days, then 1 free call every 3 months thereafter
  • Community

Mentor Program


Join as a mentee for the extra support you need.


Join as a Mentor and dedicate 30 minutes a week to support others.

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